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The main thing to keep in mind to win in casinos after learning to choose the place where we'll bet, is that every game of chance unless we can follow with math, we always have to try to calculate the odds and although this is not a exact science help us realize that time would be better bet, or should play that game, everything has its chance, if at roulette jackpot came out rather strange that key twice and it's easy to find a statistic when playing. You can choose from wide range of casino games which major online casinos serve to their players. You can go for either free version or paid version of the casino games.

Oasis Poker on Unibet


One of the most exciting gambling games on Unibet Casino has to be Oasis Poker. This challenging game is more than just clicking buttons and you will soon come to see that!  If you like poker, blackjack, baccarat or even slot machines you will definitely need to give Oasis Poker a go!

After deciding how much you want to bet by placing an ante you will receive five cards. These cards are face up, and you will have the chance to think about your next move for as long as you want. The dealer will also get dealt five cards but you only get to see one of them. In order to get paid when you have a winning hand the dealer has to have at least an ace and a king. This is a very important rule to take into account.

When your hand doesn’t show any potential to beat the dealer you can decide to exchange cards. When you've picked the cards you want to switch you pay a fee in order to do so.  One card costs one ante, two cards two antes, three cards three antes, four cards two antes and all five cards is just one ante. If you have a good draw it's definitely worth investing in another card because the payout could be very big!

After you've exchanged cards you can decide whether or not you want to play or fold. If you keep playing you will post two antes in order to see the dealer's cards. Both the ante and the call will be doubled in case you table the winning hand. Bonuses are in play in case you make a very strong hand like a flush, straight of full house!


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